Recent Before & After Photos

Flooding river causes problems inside

The before picture is the result of a river flooding near a home and damaging the home extensively.  As seen in the picture there is a large amount standin... READ MORE

Overflow of Grease Trap at Local Restaurant

A local restaurant had a grease trap overflow in the crawl space of their restaurant.  This caused a large mess which SERVPRO of Hayward was able to get cl... READ MORE

Lightning Strike

In this Birchwood, WI home lightning struck and blew up the propane line which in turn started an electrical fire in the kitchen. Mostly smoke damage to the hom... READ MORE

Subfloor Reconstruction after a water damage

Did you know that SERVPRO of Hayward has services to not only mitigate and dry your water damaged property but also offers construction services as well?  ... READ MORE

Mold In Bedroom removal and remediation

This water damaged home in Hayward sat too long and mold began to form.  The interior of this closet is where it started and was spreading into the bedroom... READ MORE

Flooded Bedroom

This flooded bedroom was the result of a broken pipe.  Notice the extremely wet carpet, the room was restored back to its original condition within a short... READ MORE

Who Would You Call When a Water Pipe Breaks In Your Home

Here is the aftermath of when a water pipe breaks in your home and floods your entire kitchen.  Who would you call, would they be certified in proper mitig... READ MORE