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Tackling Insurance Claims the SERVPRO Way | SERVPRO of Hayward

4/15/2024 (Permalink)

team of servpro workers unloading a branded work van and entering a business for a commercial job SERVPRO of Hayward is Here to Help® with your business' disaster recovery!

When disaster strikes, keeping your family safe amidst the chaos and sheer danger is usually your top priority. After all, fires, floods and severe weather can be really unpredictable and can get out of control fast.

In addition to the danger they pose to your family, they can also cause serious damage to your home and property. The good news is that as long as your family is safe, the rest can be repaired and restored.

Did you know that our team is not only highly trained in the latest restoration techniques, but we can also help you submit your insurance claim?

The Documentation Process

Even though it can be overwhelming to deal with the aftermath of a disaster, it is important for you to take action immediately to start your recovery. That’s because certain situations like lingering moisture or structural problems can continue to cause issues in your home the longer they are left unaddressed.

Of course, your top priority is to keep your family safe until the disaster situation is over or at least contained. Once you have deemed everyone safe and accounted for, get us on the phone right away.

We will ask all kinds of questions about your particular situation and will start to create your restoration plan from that very first phone call. We will be on our way to you quickly, but take some photos of the destruction while you wait for us to arrive. Your insurance company will want images of the damage, so you might as well provide them with the freshest photos possible.

Leaving the Restoration to Us

We will focus on securing your home as soon as we arrive because we know that even a small amount of damage can expose your home to the elements and further issues. We can lay out tarps, secure roofs and board up windows right away before turning our attention to your recovery.

Our team is proudly trained on the latest and most advanced restoration and cleaning methods, and we also know the ins and outs of what goes into a complete insurance claim.

First, we will document your losses in an itemized list and we will take some of our own professional images of the damage. We will add your photos to the portfolio as well and then we will work with your insurance company to submit it in a timely manner. We will also make sure that we meet your insurance’s inspection standards with the goal of helping lower any more potential costs.

We are proud to prioritize restoring rather than replacing your belongings, which means we will do everything in our power to save more of your money and as many of your possessions as possible. Let’s work together to help you recover and rebuild after a fire, flood or storm.

When a disaster strikes, call us to make your recovery process—insurance claims and all—simple.

The Basics of Flood Damage Prevention | SERVPRO of Hayward

4/1/2024 (Permalink)

rain water pooling on a hardwood floor after a storm with a man in work boots walking through it SERVPRO of Hayward is ready to help in a moments notice after spring showers leak in to your home or business.

Taking life back to the basics is sometimes necessary, especially if you want or need to get a task done right. Whether you are helping a child with math homework, attempting to figure out a solution to a faulty appliance or protecting your home from damage, starting with the basic tasks can help immensely.

The same holds true when it comes to preparing for severe weather and flooding situations in your home. While we all know that we can’t completely control Mother Nature, we can all take simple measures to protect our homes from damage when flooding emergencies are present.

Floods are a really common reason for home damage, which makes preparing for them even more important no matter the season.

Knowing the Zones

Flooding can happen in many different ways, and the weather isn’t always a factor when it comes to flowing water. Manmade disasters like busted pipes or faulty appliances can also cause serious damage to your home. Thankfully, these situations are often a bit easier to recover from because they can be tracked down and corrected faster. Floods from overflowing waterways, heavy rains or roof leaks can often lead to more destruction, especially if they happen during a severe weather event.

We are at a moderate flood risk in the Hayward area due to our tendency to experience heavy rain and our close proximity to Hayward Lake and other waterways. Understanding your property’s personal flood risk can help you create your own flood prevention plan.

Even if your property is not in a designated flood zone, it is still important that you understand how your property reacts when it rains. If you live in a low-lying area or have a yard that slopes toward your home, adding extra drainage or a rain garden can help your basement stay dry. Simple things like adding extra length to your downspouts can also go a long way toward protecting your home.

Our community is blessed with heavy tree coverage, but that also means that your gutters are vulnerable to becoming clogged or blocked with debris. Investing in gutter covers can help keep the rainwater moving through your gutter system the way it needs to. Get in the habit of getting on your roof after a storm to check your gutters and shingles for damage.

Preparation Is Prevention

While knowing about our area is crucial when it comes to preparation, you should also take more permanent preparation steps to avoid damage as much as possible.

If you struggle with your yard flooding when it rains, consider investing in professional yard grading to help encourage the rainwater to flow down and away from your foundation. You can also add mulch or other absorbing natural materials around your property to help you stay dry.

Inside your home, you should be checking on your windows and doors seasonally to make sure they are sealed tight against the elements. Update caulk lines as needed, and consider fully replacing any troublesome windows. If you have a sump pump, have it inspected annually so you can rest assured that it will start working when you need it most.

Take things back to the basics when it comes to preparing your home for floods and keep in mind that we are always here to help if you wind up suffering from any sort of water damage.

Do you have water damage in your home? Contact us at SERVPRO® for fast recovery.

What Stinks? Dealing With Sewage Leaks | SERVPRO of Hayward

3/15/2024 (Permalink)

sewage water pooling on a kitchen floor after a leak SERVPRO of Hayward is always ready to respond to your call when biohazard incidents strike.

If we had to guess, we would say that most homeowners and business owners would agree that suffering from a sewage leak makes the top of their worst nightmare lists. The sheer gross factor, coupled with the potentially dangerous situation, can be really frustrating to deal with.

Unfortunately, sewage leaks are a common occurrence and can happen to anyone at any time. Thankfully, that’s where we come in! We explain the steps for responding to a sewage leak below so you can stay in control and recover faster.

Taking Control

Sewage backups happen whenever your pipe is clogged or blocked with something that prevents the sewage from flowing down and away from your home. The sewage will have nowhere to go except for back up into your toilet, sink or even tub. Sewage leaks can also happen if your pipe becomes compromised or bursts, which can lead to sewage raining down from the ceiling.

No matter how your situation develops, it is important to prioritize your safety by not touching the water. Water is broken down into three different categories: white water, gray water and black water. Sewage falls into the black water category because it can contain toxic substances that are harmful or even deadly to humans.

If you can locate and access the water shutoff valve that is controlling the problematic pipe or fixture without getting into the water, shut it off and then start opening up windows. The fumes themselves can be overwhelming, so focus on ventilating the room right away.

Where SERVPRO® Jumps In

After you have the situation mildly under control, we want you to call us! We have a highly trained restoration and cleaning team that can handle any biohazard situation confidently, which is why we want you to get us on the phone as quickly as you can. We have the proper safety gear and training to handle any sort of sewage situation quickly and efficiently.

We will be on our way to you right away, so take some photos of the damage while you wait. Obviously these photos won’t be making their way into a keepsake album any time soon, but they are essential for your insurance company to have.

Once we arrive, we will focus on identifying the source of the leak and then we will get to work on removing the sewage. Since sewage can be toxic and really dangerous, our crew will be dressed from head to toe in the latest safety gear.

While some of our technicians will focus on fixing the problem so it doesn’t happen again, our cleaning crew will be focused on finishing up with the sewage removal before we turn our attention to any lingering odors. We can employ deodorizers to make sure the stink is completely removed, and we can tackle any repairs that are needed at this time as well.

Don’t let the stink take control! Contact us right away so we can take care of your sewage leak with confidence and safety in mind.

Sewage leaks should always be cleaned up by professionals. Call SERVPRO®, and we will take care of you.


Alert! Getting Your Weather Alert Systems Ready | SERVPRO of Hayward

3/1/2024 (Permalink)

heavy rain pouring down on an outdoor metal roof in a storm Let SERVPRO of Hayward help you get from April showers to May flowers.

Even though it feels like we never really entered winter, we are already quickly on our way toward enjoying the spring season! We can look forward to that rumbling thunder, gentle rain and the regrowth of the trees and flowers coming soon.

While the spring season may be welcomed by many, it is important to remember that the later we get into the spring months, the higher the chance that we will be impacted by severe weather once again. Strong wind, heavy rain and the return of tornado season can have us all scrambling for cover at the last minute.

In order to stay in control and to keep your family safe, you need to stay informed of the incoming weather at all times! We explain some easy, but effective, ways of staying connected and informed when severe weather is headed our way.

Using the Internet to Your Advantage

We all spend so much of our time on our phones and connected to screens throughout the day, so it is only natural to use them to our advantage. Most phones that are connected to WiFi are connected to the Wireless Emergency Alert system that can automatically send out weather-related alerts, and you should also download a weather app from a reputable and trustworthy news source.

Apps and other notification methods can be really helpful, but choose wisely! Certain apps, websites and social media pages tend to over exaggerate forecasts for engagement and likes, so stick with the organizations and sources that you already trust.

News stations and our local weather stations can also be trusted sources when it comes to real-time updates. Turn on your TV and follow along as the storm tracks our way, and always heed any warnings or safety suggestions that the anchors tell you.

Non-Electronic Alert Options

While phones, apps and the TV can be great ways to stay connected, they can easily be rendered useless if we lose power. This is why you should always have at least one backup alert system ready to use if we lose power for an extended period of time. Weather systems can come in waves, and if your phone dies before the power comes back on, you can be left really vulnerable without a way of knowing what to expect.

The weather sirens located around town can be a great backup, but only if you are located in an area where you can easily hear them.

Investing in an NOAA weather radio can give you the reliability and information needed no matter if we experience a power outage or not. Hand-crank or solar-powered radios can give you a great peace of mind when it comes to staying connected, and you can take these radios with you to your sheltering location or out around your property after a storm and still stay informed.

Being prepared is essential to keeping your family safe, but unfortunately, storm damage can still happen. Call us right away if you discover storm damage in the aftermath of a spring storm and our crew will work tirelessly to help you recover faster.

Serious storms can cause serious property damage. Call SERVPRO® 247 for immediate restoration assistance.

Tackling Repairs for Damaged Hayward Businesses | SERVPRO of Hayward

2/15/2024 (Permalink)

business man in office talking to female SERVPRO rep SERVPRO of Hayward is here for your business every step of the way, from ERPs to disaster recovery.

Recovering after a disaster situation can be really overwhelming, especially if that disaster happens at your business. It can derail your plans, overwhelm your staff and affect your bottom line.

Fortunately, SERVPRO of Hayward is here to help minimize the disruption by handling your recovery quickly and efficiently.

Preparing For the Worst

The best way to avoid serious damage is to be prepared for multiple scenarios. If your team knows what to do before, during and after a disaster, you can all work together seamlessly to make a full recovery no matter what happened.

One of the first things you should prioritize is communication. Make sure everyone on your team understands who will be in charge of what during a disaster and develop a chain of command so that everyone is informed of the situation as it develops.

Take a tour through your building to ensure everyone knows where important water shut-offs are located, how to safely exit your building and where to find your fire extinguishers. Create assignments amongst your staff for who is in charge of securing your building during a disaster situation.

Another important aspect of disaster preparation is knowing what to do after the disaster occurs. If your team is able to work remotely, make sure they have the tools necessary to transition seamlessly. If you are unable to do that, you should have an alternate location in mind that you can set up shop in while repairs are taking place.

Recovering the Right Way

You can rest assured that a reliable and thorough emergency plan can go a long way toward helping you avoid serious disasters. However, that doesn’t mean your business will escape completely unscathed. Calling your local SERVPRO® team can ensure a quicker recovery no matter what!

Our professional team will get right to work on your recovery so you can focus on informing your customers about the recovery process and when you plan to be back open at full capacity. Keeping your customers informed throughout the process is always better than leaving everyone in the dark.

Depending on the scale of the disaster, you might even be able to operate in your building in an abbreviated capacity! We can work with you to find the right solution and balance between productivity and the needs of a full restoration.

Planning ahead, practicing your emergency response and knowing that SERVPRO of Hayward has your back no matter what can help you overcome a disaster situation at your business quickly and confidently.

Has your business experienced a disaster, or do you want help building an emergency plan? Contact us to find everything you need.

Tackling Multiple Types of Damage With Confidence | SERVPRO of Hayward

2/1/2024 (Permalink)

heavy rain pounding down on a blacktop surface SERVPRO of Hayward is Here to Help® when any disaster strikes!

When it rains, it pours, right? We have all heard that phrase many times, and it is certainly true when it comes to dealing with certain things like disasters.

No matter if Mother Nature left behind a huge trail of damage after a storm or your old dishwasher malfunctioned and leaked yet again, chances are that the initial damage will lead to more damage the longer you wait to address it.

That is why having a team like ours at SERVPRO of Hayward is key! With one simple phone call, we can take over and ensure a complete recovery no matter how extensive the damage is.

The Extent of Disasters

The toll that disasters can take can range from mild inconveniences to life-altering situations that impact entire communities. This is especially true when it comes to natural disasters if they catch you entirely off-guard.

Heavy rain can cause flooding, which will in turn cause mold growth. Strong wind can cause power outages or rip off shingles or siding. A house fire can quickly engulf your entire home, leaving you with serious structural damage, water damage and widespread smoke odors.

The longer the damage lingers in your home, the worse your situation will become. You deserve to get back to your regular life as quickly as possible after a disaster, which is why a quick call to us is all you need to do.

A Single Team for the Entire Restoration

When disaster strikes, pick up the phone no matter what time it is or what day it is. We are available 247, 365 days a year. We will get right to work as soon as you call us and we will pull together a team, make a plan and be on our way to you.

Our highly trained experts are skilled at helping our community recover from any manner of disasters. We follow only the latest and most advanced cleaning and restoration techniques, and we make sure to be thorough in every aspect of your recovery.

For example, if your roof is damaged in a storm, we will lay tarps over the top of it to prevent further damage. If you experience a flood, we will prioritize removing standing water while also working to dry out your soft or fragile materials.

We can even rebuild entire sections of your home when they have been extensively damaged. We will do whatever it takes to get your home back to its preloss condition as quickly as possible.

Total restoration means that you only will be working with us on your repairs! Our team is skilled to handle every aspect of your restoration, so you don’t have to hassle yourself with working with multiple different contractors and agreements. We will work hard until you are 100% satisfied with the final product.

When the rain does start pouring in or a house fire erupts when you least expect it, call SERVPRO of Hayward right away for quick and reliable recovery assistance. Sunnier days are right around the corner!

Have you experienced a disaster and need restorations? Make one call to our office to start recovery fast.

Staying Cozy and Fire-Safe This Winter | SERVPRO of Hayward

1/16/2024 (Permalink)

brick chimney with lit fire logs Fire safety is a top priority for us at SERVPRO of Hayward this winter. Keep your home safe with these helpful tips!

Who else loves grabbing a blanket and getting cozy at this time of year? We are in the heart of the winter season in the Hayward community, which means we are all finding ways to stay warm while the winter weather rages outside. Make sure you are being safe with your fireplace and space heater to avoid serious fire situations.

Did you know that the number of house fires skyrockets during the winter months? Unfortunately, most of them are caused by preventable accidents with space heaters, fireplace issues and other electrical woes. SERVPRO of Hayward offers some easy ways to stay safe while staying warm this winter below.

Addressing The Fireplace

A crackling fire can be the perfect backdrop for those chilly Wisconsin nights, but they can be downright dangerous if your fireplace is not properly prepared. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, be sure to clean out excess ash buildup and routinely clean your chimney to remove creosote buildup.

Keep flammable materials far away from the mantle and the flames and make sure your smoke detectors are ready to work by changing the batteries as needed. If your fireplace is electric or gas, check the lines often for signs of wear and tear or leaks and clean it off regularly to remove dust buildup. Make sure everyone in your family knows where your fire extinguisher is and how to use it.

Space Heater 101

Space heaters are responsible for about 1,700 house fires every year. That’s a huge consequence from something that is supposed to keep you toasty warm! Their portability is what makes them convenient, but that is also part of the reason they can be so dangerous.

If they get tipped over, the heat can set your floor on fire really quickly. Choose a level and nonflammable surface to set up your heater and check the cord for any fraying or loose wiring before plugging it in.

Create a three-foot barrier around it to keep kids and pets out of the area, and be sure flammable materials like curtains and cushions are far away from the heater. Space heaters should never be plugged into extension cords, and they should always be turned off before going to bed.

Safety Features to Look For

It is important to remember that not all space heaters are safe choices for your home. A cheaper or off-brand heater may be appealing, but it also may be more dangerous. Do your research and read reviews before making your purchase.

First, you should prioritize purchasing from a certified and reliable company that has passed their required safety certifications. Many reliable space heaters nowadays have a shutoff feature that will turn the heater off on its own after a certain period of time, which can be a great backup in case this important task is forgotten.

You should also make sure to inspect the space heater’s electrical cord before purchasing. The cord should be sturdy, well-made and at least six feet long. This length ensures that you can plug your heater in while still ensuring it can be set up far away from flammable materials.

Stay warm and cozy this winter! If you suffer from a house fire for any reason, call SERVPRO® for a quicker and more reliable recovery. We will remove damaged debris, tackle stubborn smoke odors and repair your home from start to finish.

A quick fire damage restoration is just a phone call away. Call SERVPRO for immediate assistance.

Tracking Down Moisture in Your Home | SERVPRO of Hayward

1/2/2024 (Permalink)

close up of condensation on window pane and ledge Water damage can happen anywhere in your home. Call SERVPRO of Hayward to restore water damage on your property 24/7, 365.

We rely on water to get us through our days in so many ways! A daily dishwasher run, warm baths for the kids at night and even cooking up your favorite meal requires water in some capacity.

While having easy access to water is a blessing most of the time, a single leak anywhere in your home can have a serious impact. Mother Nature can also be the culprit for water leaks when storms come to town and damage our homes.

Knowing where to look for water leaks and moisture can help you discover the problem quicker and tackle your restoration faster. Check these spots around your home regularly so you can address issues immediately.

Under the Sink

Our faucets and taps play a vital role in this easy access to water, but their water lines are vulnerable to leaking at any time. Water is constantly flowing through your pipes and behind your walls, and a single loose connection could become the start of a troubling water leak.

Once water starts to leak from under your sink, it can get into cupboards, behind your walls and under your floors before it is discovered. Check your water lines often, and don’t forget to check under the sink next to where your dishwasher is located. Most dishwashers have water lines that run alongside your kitchen faucet, which could also leak unexpectedly.

Under Appliances

Most of us have many appliances in our homes that rely on water to function. Our dishwashers, ice makers, water heaters and washing machines can all malfunction and leak without warning, and these types of leaks have the potential to get really bad really quickly as water is continually pumped onto your floor.

If you suspect a water leak started around an appliance, pull it away from the wall to check for signs of water damage like water on your floor, water spots or mold growth. Try to get in the habit of doing this every time you deep-clean your house, but especially if you notice a new puddle.

Behind the Walls

The trouble with water is that once it starts to leak, it can leak all over the place in a short amount of time. It will seep into the tiniest cracks and crevasses and will eventually make its way behind your walls or under your floors.

Once it is there, it can be really hard to dry out on your own and mold can set in. If your wall feels soft or your floorboards are starting to warp upwards, it’s time to do a little investigating.

Checking Windows and Doors

Condensation can happen around your windows and doors as the temperature changes drastically at this time of year. This condensation can linger on your windows or drip down onto your windowpane and cause significant damage over time.

Moisture can also get in through any gaps, cracks or sagging around these areas. Check them often by running a finger over your windowsills, and check your doors for drafts or other sealing issues.

We can’t always prevent water damage, which is where SERVPRO of Hayward comes into play! Our team will quickly tackle water damage by making sure your space is cleaned, dried and restored from top to bottom.

Don’t ignore signs of water damage! Call SERVPRO® for a quick restoration.

When Disaster Strikes, Our Team Gets to Work | SERVPRO of Hayward

12/15/2023 (Permalink)

group of 3 SERVPRO reps standing near a green semi truck at a work site No job is too big or too small for our team of industry leading experts at SERVPRO of Hayward!

Fires, floods and strong storms can happen at any point, leaving you with serious damage and many questions. Suffering a home disaster is almost always an overwhelming experience, and you deserve a reliable restoration team to help see you through your entire recovery.

That’s where we come in! SERVPRO of Hayward is proudly an industry leader when it comes to reliable restoration, and we are here to help you recover from whatever kind of disaster you are faced with.

We are highly trained, locally owned and operated and have a true passion for helping our fellow Hayward community members recover after disaster.

Choosing the Team to Help You

When a disaster does occur at home or at your business, it can send you into a whirlwind of decision-making and quick responses. After all, a faster recovery can help you avoid worsening damage and things like mold growth. However, you don’t want to just rush into choosing a restoration company.

The company you choose should be honest, trustworthy and highly knowledgeable about the restoration project at hand. They should also be available 247 to respond to your emergency!

SERVPRO of Hayward proudly offers all of that and more, which ensures you are taken care of every step of the way. We fully understand the different threats that can affect the Hayward community, and we are confident that we can help you recover no matter the scale of your disaster.

Our Rich History

When you choose your restoration company, you also want to make sure they have the tools and equipment needed. A friendly and familiar face is one thing, but you still need to recover quickly and efficiently! Our SERVPRO® branch is locally owned, but we also have the backing of the national SERVPRO brand to ensure we have the resources and equipment at our disposal to help you.

The national SERVPRO brand was founded in 1967 and has grown from one branch to over 2,000 since then, including ours here in the Hayward area. This long-standing presence in the restoration industry sets us apart from the other companies in our community because we have seen a lot, done a lot and know how to help you recover from more situations.

When you work with our team, you can rest easy knowing that only the very best and most professional staff will be in your home working on your repairs. We are highly trained and certified to do what we do, and we will ensure a quick recovery.

We can also handle whatever needs to be addressed. We can tarp over your roof to secure it from further damage, remove stubborn smoke odors after a fire and even clean up a mold infestation that has been growing in your attic for a bit too long. Our highly trained team will take the very best care of you.

Want to learn more about everything we can do for you? Contact us to be prepared for anything.

Tips for Tackling Water Disasters at Work | SERVPRO of Hayward

12/1/2023 (Permalink)

concrete floor tiling with large cracks and water on it SERVPRO of Hayward is Here to Help® your business when water damage strikes.

Discovering standing water at your business can be incredibly frustrating and downright overwhelming. One minute you are casually unlocking doors and flipping on lights in the morning and, the next, your socks are soaked and a musty odor hits your nose. What do you do first?

Water damage can occur in many different ways, but they all should be dealt with quickly in order to avoid long-term issues for your property.

Having a plan in place can help you respond faster in a true water emergency, and we are here to help you do just that! Check out our tips for dealing with standing water at your business below.

Taking It One Step at a Time

Finding your property flooded or soaked through can be very unnerving. Even if you did everything right, it can still take you by surprise!

Stay calm and follow these steps to help you stay in control and get things cleaned up quickly:

1. Stay safe. Safety is always key, which is why you should always focus your attention on keeping your staff safe in an unexpected situation. Observe the damage from a dry location and then get us on the phone right away. Our team will start gathering our supplies, and we will be on the road to you quickly.

2. Control the disaster. Taking control of the situation can help prevent the problem from getting worse. Locate the source of the leak as quickly as possible, and turn off the appropriate water valve. If you can’t locate the source right away, simply turn off the main water valve to your building for the time being.

3. Start the drying process. Floodwater can be dangerous, so try to avoid walking through it if at all possible. Sewage, storm runoff or even dangerous chemicals could have made their way into the water that is now all over your floor, so stay dry as you start to open windows and ventilate the area. Consider blocking off the entrances to the area as well to keep employees and customers out of harm’s reach.

Working With SERVPRO®

Once we arrive, you can rest easy knowing that your property is in good hands. We will work on getting the standing water out, and we will complete a total assessment of your building’s needs to help you recover faster. We will also take care of working directly with your insurance company during your entire claims process.

While we take care of your restoration, we want you to take care of your business and your employees. We will help you find ways to work around the construction so you can still operate in whatever capacity that you are able to.

We will take care of you every step of the way to help minimize your closure period and get you back open for business faster. Take action quickly, and call SERVPRO for help every step along the way!

Do you need repairs after a water disaster in your commercial building? Contact us to get dried out quickly.